Monday, April 11, 2011

WOMA Wrap Up

 As we wrap up WOMA 2011, we would firstly like to thank everyone for their support. What a tremendous show! We got over $15,000 EC in sales so that gave us enough to give over $2000 to our Grenada National Organization of Women (GNOW) charity, and over $700 to the Alliance Francaise and over $1500 to the Grenada Arts Council. Great huh? I think we did well for a first run didn't we?

Tracey Chan,  Lorice Pascal (GNOW) Stacey Byer

Tracey Chan, Sandra Russo, Phillippe Arnaud

Stacey Byer, Philippe Arnaud , Sandra Russo (AF)


We must thank all our sponsors and supporters : Renwick Thompson & Co. Ltd, Suelin Low Chew Tung, Sandra Russo, Sally Dawson Lilo Nido, Chris Mast, Susan Mains, Erik Johnson, Meg Conlon, Holly Bynoe, the Byer family, Debi Franklin, Alena Wade, Gabrielle Lander, Anne Brookover, Repeating Islands Blog, ARC Magazine, CAW Magazine, Complexd Magazine, artists, fans, web page clickers, visitors and passers-by. There's a longer list somewhere!

Tracey & Stacey signing out for now. We'll try to keep this site updated for news of projects and things! Keep up with us on our facebook page because we will post there as well. Keep working folks! We'll be working on other projects and look forward to sharing art with you.

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