Monday, June 13, 2011

!Women Art Revolution

For over forty years, Director Lynn Hershman Leeson has collected hundreds of hours of interviews with visionary artists, historians, curators and critics who shaped the beliefs and values of the Feminist Art Movement and reveal previously undocumented strategies used to politicize female artists and integrate women into art structures.
Through intimate interviews, art, and rarely seen archival film and video footage, !Women Art Revolution reveals how the Feminist Art Movement fused free speech and politics into an art that radically transformed the art and culture of our times.

Monday, April 11, 2011

WOMA Wrap Up

 As we wrap up WOMA 2011, we would firstly like to thank everyone for their support. What a tremendous show! We got over $15,000 EC in sales so that gave us enough to give over $2000 to our Grenada National Organization of Women (GNOW) charity, and over $700 to the Alliance Francaise and over $1500 to the Grenada Arts Council. Great huh? I think we did well for a first run didn't we?

Tracey Chan,  Lorice Pascal (GNOW) Stacey Byer

Tracey Chan, Sandra Russo, Phillippe Arnaud

Stacey Byer, Philippe Arnaud , Sandra Russo (AF)


We must thank all our sponsors and supporters : Renwick Thompson & Co. Ltd, Suelin Low Chew Tung, Sandra Russo, Sally Dawson Lilo Nido, Chris Mast, Susan Mains, Erik Johnson, Meg Conlon, Holly Bynoe, the Byer family, Debi Franklin, Alena Wade, Gabrielle Lander, Anne Brookover, Repeating Islands Blog, ARC Magazine, CAW Magazine, Complexd Magazine, artists, fans, web page clickers, visitors and passers-by. There's a longer list somewhere!

Tracey & Stacey signing out for now. We'll try to keep this site updated for news of projects and things! Keep up with us on our facebook page because we will post there as well. Keep working folks! We'll be working on other projects and look forward to sharing art with you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Opening Night Photos: update

We were very happy to have Salim of Sin Pix take some photos at the event. Thanks so much Sal!
Hey folks if you have albums please send WOMA a link (especially on Facebook) so we can share the love.

ART Raffle

So we've changed the format of our Carina Andrew piece! Now for $10 EC a chance, you can win this gorgeous piece of artwork. Please remember that the proceeds are all going to our GNOW charity for domestic abuse victims!!!

Carina Andrew, Mask, 14.25" x 30", wire on canvas
Come down to the gallery to take part and to see the artwork.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because You're a Girl: Growing up in the Commonwealth

Have a read of the awesome report from the Royal Commonwealth Society. New Zealand, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago rank at the top of the list of places where it's cool to be female. Grenada is at number 23 overall, but you can check out the individual categories to see where each country stands.

Monday, March 14, 2011

WOMA Launch!

Tracey Chan, Lorice Pascal (GNOW), Stacey Byer
Trace and Stace
Hey folks, we had a brilliant opening night on Friday! We had about 200 people - it was a big crowd and I think we made a pretty  good impression. From the comments made thus far, I think everyone is happy that we have something different going on.

Thank you to all those who came and supported us, to those who bought work (fairly impressive sales on opening night), who actually came up and spoke to us, and who have been sharing our information.

Big thank yous all around from the both of us!

We have our little gallery up on the Facebook page, so check them out. We will post updates as photos come in.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

WOMA Opening on Friday!!!

We cooking with gas!
Space, check!
Artwork, check!
Frazzled art curators, check!
Hope to see you there folks!
If you need a print version of this flyer please email us for a print ready black and white or colour PDF. Otherwise you can save this graphic and post it on your web pages, facebook pages, whathaveyou.
Please distribute to everyone you know! Remember we have a silent auction on opening night!

Don't forget to keep up with us on our facebook page!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Press Release!

Whoa, we're just about a week away from the opening! We are not frazzled yet (by then you will not want to see panda eyes).

Our press release has been released and lovingly put on Arc Magazine!

We're taking interviews media folks!

We will be on Flow network's Chit Chat on Tuesday March 9th and maybe on the radio!

“Women Make Art!” (WOMA ’11), Grenada’s first ever women-themed art exhibition featuring women artists exclusively will be held at the old United Travel Agency Building, #9 Young Street, St. George’s, from March 11th – 25th, 2011, in honour of International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2011). The exhibition will feature paintings, photography, sculpture and three-dimensional works from Grenadian and Grenada-based women artists.

The WOMA Committee, comprising established and upcoming members of the local art community, conceived the exhibition as a way to contribute to the educational development and cultural enrichment of artists, art lovers, and help raise awareness of women’s issues in Grenada. As an event in commemoration of the 100 year celebration of International Women’s Day, WOMA ’11 will be listed as an event along with over 1000 other events worldwide.

Held under the auspices of the Alliance Française and the Grenada Arts Council, the exhibition brings together communities of artists, both professional and emerging, while engaging other members of the Grenada community. The artists seek to harness visual media to explore and promote the support of women’s issues. For this reason, a portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to Breaking Barriers. Breaking Barriers is a project run by the Grenada National Organisation of Women (GNOW) to help abused women acquire skills that will enable them to be a viable part of the workforce.

The theme of the exhibition is simply “Women”. With more than 30 artists signed up, the organizers hope that this will be a success so that future events can be held, making the event an annual one. One of the main event organizers, Stacey Byer, is a young artist who says, “Through art we can address important social issues and supporting women in need is such a worthy cause.” Another committee member, artist, Tracey Chan says, “This is an exciting time in the Grenadian art society – we are looking forward to doing more, making more and getting people interested in new things.”

Opening night on March 11th will feature a special silent auction of an art piece donated by Carina Andrew, the proceeds of which go to Breaking Barriers. The exhibition opens at 6:30pm, March 11th, 2011, and runs until March 25th. Hours of operation will be 10 am – 6 pm. There is no admission fee and donations are accepted.

Contact information:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu : Awesome artist! Found on Art21!

“I’m really trying to pay homage to the notion of the sublime and the abject together and using the aesthetic of rejection, or poverty, or wretchedness as a tool to talk about things that are transcendent and hopeful.” (Aimée Reed, “Interview with Wangechi Mutu,” Daily Serving, Apr. 12, 2010)
Wangechi Mutu was born in Kenya and lives and works in New York City. As the inaugural recipient of the Deutsche Bank Prize, Mutu had a large showing of her work up at theDeutsche Guggenheim this past June that included several of her signature strategically scatological collages and assemblages.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Silent Auction Surprise!

Carina Andrew, Mask, mixed media/wire on canvas, 14.25"x30"
Folks we have an absolutely awesome surprise for you! Carina Andrew has donated a piece of her work to charity! We're having a silent auction at the show opening on March 11th, so if you're interested please come!
The proceeds of this auction will go towards our charity. We are so grateful to Carina for sharing this opportunity with us. Thanks so much Carina!

WOMA chooses their Charity

The WOMA Committee is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Grenada National Organisation of Women (GNOW) in celebration of International Women’s Day, 2011.
Established in April 1995, GNOW is the umbrella non-governmental organisation (NGO) addressing women’s issues in Grenada, such as women’s empowerment and welfare, gender equality, and involvement in economic, social and political development.

Funds raised from the upcoming exhibition will be donated to Breaking Barriers, a programme created by GNOW to help  female victims of abuse acquire skills that will enable them to join the workforce and become economically viable.

This program is so important, not only because it is education-based but for the opportunities it presents to women who want to become independent of their abusive environment.

Join us in our efforts to support women in need, buy art and support WOMA and GNOW!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi folks if you've got all your stuff done and  ready then it's time to register your work. Check out our handy online registration form! You will sign for and receive a collection slip on the date of submission - March 5th. You will retain it until you collect your artwork after the show.
Remember these are your submission guidelines.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Economic Opportunities for Women

Have a look at this great presentation to get an idea of the economic opportunities for women around the world.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Opening Night! Men allowed! Yay!

Get your Friday evening started by coming to our opening. Bring yourselves and your families to be arty schmoozy with us. As is the norm with our openings - they are free, so bring people! You'll be able hop across to the Museum Bistro for even more schmoozy drinkies and tapas.

Please feel free to save this file and share with your friends who might be interested. Check out our facebook page for updates too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey guys,

Please note that WOMA will be opening on the 11th of March from 6 pm !
Submission day remains the 5 th of March 10 am - 2 pm.

We are very excited to see your submissions !  :)

Keep on spreading the word about WOMA !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Women Entrepreneurs

As artists we should definitely be all be able to run our own businesses. These are just some of the things you have to do if you're an art goddess on a low budget and trying to do it all! If you're not reading Alyson Stanfield's blog and aren't subscribed you should be. Of course you can also have a read of Women Entrepreneur.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Women in Photography

This is an awesome site packed full of women photographers. Women in Photography allows you to join and list your site and info in their really huge network!

Also, here's a lovely lovely website run by one woman! Pictory Mag is a collection of photos with stories!

Friday, February 4, 2011

GAC Show!

The Grenada Arts Council show is opening today at the old United Travel Agency building - #9 Young St, St. George's at 5:30 pm. Come meet Stacey, Tracey and the gang! See you there! It runs until the 18th Februray.
Weekdays 10AM - 6PM.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


One amazing Aussie artist busting up the global scene. She's a powerhouse.
This is some of her current work (nsfw). Really gorgeous drawings! If you're a prude, please don't click the link!

Female Persuasion

This is some awesome work from women artists at Female Persuasion. It's only just a tiny bit feminist. Check it out for inspiration, information, education. You know the drill!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

International Women's Day : 100 women 100 artworks

The International Women's Day website has all sorts of goodies including artwork showings. What a great idea!
"The purpose of these artworks, all created by diverse women from around the world, is to inspire, challenge and provoke thought. These artworks celebrate the artistic grace of women. 2011 sees 100 years since the first International Women's Day was held so to mark this very special Centenary the '100 Women, 100 Artworks' initiative was launched."
Now scurry along and submit your pieces folks!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey everybody,

Please note that our venue has changed for the WOMA exhibition.  We will now be housed at #9 Young Street, St George's, in the former United Travel Agency building.

All dates remain the same, but you will be submitting at the new location, instead of the Alliance Francaise.

Please note artists of 3D works, that your works will be now exhibited for the length of the show.

All regulations, guidelines and notices will be updated to reflect this change.

Thank you,

WOMA committee

Monday, January 10, 2011

Open Call

Show Basics

Theme : Women
When: March 11th – March 25th 2011
Where: # 9 Young Street, the former United Travel Agency
Who is eligible to exhibit: All women artists over the age of 18
Registration fee: None
Media: All media eligible (However see notice for creators of 3 dimensional works)
How many pieces may be submitted: Up to 2
Size restriction: No bigger than 3’ x 2’
Submission deadline : 5 th March 2011 10 am - 2 pm

Rules for WOMA Show

1. Eligibility. You must be a woman aged 18 and over to participate in WOMA.

2. Artist space. Due to space limitations, artists are advised to pre-register for this exhibition. If you responded to the earlybird email, you are considered pre-registered and your space has been reserved.

3. Entry. An entry form must be filled in when you submit your entries at the the former United Travel building.  There will be no entry/submission/registration fee.

4. Deadline. The deadline for submission of artist entries is March 5th, 2011. See the submission guidelines in the Discussions section/online blog. If you do NOT submit by this date, your forfeited space will be offered to a waitlisted artist.

5. Theme. The theme is women. Artists are free to interpret this as broadly as they please, but works exhibited must have a clear connection with the theme.

6. Media. All media eligible.
7. Number and size of works. You may submit up to 2 pieces to WOMA. Each piece must be no more than 3 feet by 2 feet. 
8. Display of work. Work will be hung by members of the Grenada Arts Council. Work must be ready to hang, properly mounted if on paper, and strung with picture wire.
9. Original works. Artists must submit at least one original piece. If you choose to submit 2 pieces, one may be a previously exhibited work. No work should be a copy of anyone else's work, whether photo or original. By participating, you agree to having your images used in promotional material for any future WOMA exhibits.
10. Content. Content of work must not be graphic. The exhibition will be open to all and children may be among the viewing public.
11. Pricing. Pricing is at the artist’s discretion. Please bear in mind however, that this is a function for charity. All prices must be quoted in EC dollars.
12. Sales. Artists are paid at the close of the show. Buyers will collect their purchases at the end of the show, unless specific arrangements are made with the organisers.

13. Donation. In lieu of the standard 25% commission, 25% of a sold work’s price will be donated to a woman’s charity selected by the WOMA Planning Committee.

14. Insurance and risk. Artists participate at their own risk. All work will be stored in a locked, secure space. The Arts Council will not be liable for damage, loss, or theft of artwork.

15. Close of show. Artists must pick up their unsold works between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, March 26th, 2011 at the former UNITED TRAVEL BUILDING. The Arts Council assumes no liability for unclaimed works and such works will be disposed of accordingly.

Submission Guidelines

1. All artwork must be submitted to Ms Stacey Byer and/or Tracey Chan at # 9 Young Street St. George's, (the former United Travel Agency building) on March 5 th 2011 between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm.
2. Artist entries should be clearly signed by artist.
3. All artist entries must be accompanied by a submission form, which will  be sent by the WOMA committee via email. Entries will NOT be accepted without this form.
5. Work must be ready to hang. This means it should be properly mounted if on paper, and strung with picture wire.
6. Work must be in a good condition – work that is tattered or fraying will not be accepted (unless this is part of your display).

WOMA Submission Form

You must download / print the WOMA submission form to submit with your works.
Your works will not be taken without it.
You can request this submission form  by emailing